Magic of December

In many European countries Christmas remains the greatest winter holiday. But Russian people more like and appreciate New Year. But it doesn’t matter because there is the magic of December everywhere.

Young and old people prepare for the holiday in advance. There are many New Year traditions. Some people try to make a wish when it is time of chimes. Most of them watch TV and listen to their president’s speech.

Parents prepare gifts for their children. And they are happy to see their kids’ joy and merry exclamations. Someone waits for fashionable computer game or another expensive present. And some children are happy to get only chocolate figures, a few mandarins and crunchy biscuits. Young people like to exchange gifts secretly. It means that nobody knows who prepared a present and for whom.

And of course, everybody love New Year because after that there are a lot of days when adults can have a rest. Children have winter holidays. It means that all the family can be together. All of us have kept these days in our memories since the childhood, when we with delighted eyes shared these unique moments of December magic.